Sunday, September 2, 2012

Part 23 - Raising the forward controls

On the first test ride, I scraped the Forward Controls badly during low speed maneuvering. To raise the forward controls higher off the ground, Forward Control adapter plates were hand fabricated from 3/8" steel plate. The dimensions were determined by measuring the existing mounting points.  A simple model was created to offset the mounting points - eMachineShop is great free software for basic 2.5D drawing and modelling.

The design was printed using 1:1 scale and the resulting template was transferred to the 3/8" steel plate. An angle grinder with 0.045" cut-off wheel made quick work of creating the basic shape. 

Basic shape transferred to 3/8 plate suing a sharpie

Rough cut 

Abrasive disk takes care of detail shaping 

Original mounting holes are countersunk and new holes tapped

Similar process for the right side 3D model

After rough cut and smoothing with abrasive disk
Making holes - 3/8 clearance holes for original mountings and 3/8-16 tapped holes for new mounting points

Countersinking the original mounting holes
Completed left side forward control adapter plate

Left side adapter plate mounted using 3/8-16 flat head bolts

Right side -  offset is up and slightly forward to clear the exhaust

The forward controls simply bolt to the relocated holes on the left and right adapter plates. Proper countersinking of the flat head bolts is essential so that the controls bolt to a flat surface. Test ride after installation was a major improvement.