Monday, February 28, 2011

Part 4 - Installing the shiny bits

Adding the shiny bits is straight forward. Everything requires either a 3/8-16 bolt or 5/16-18 bolt. Just make sure you have a handful of each of varying lengths (3/4" to 1 1/2"). At this point, nothing is being fastened properly as everything will need to be disassembled for paint and body filler. Final assembly is done using the correct torque specification and locktite.

The pulley brake consists of the pulley and rotor integrated into one assembly. This is very cool but there is some debate regarding the merits of this approach because of the effects of heat on the belt. When you brake, you are converting kinetic energy into heat which will be transferred into the drive belt. I have resolved that if this is to become a real problem, I won't be using the brake.... it will be there for show. I'm starting to understand "all show and no go" but I fully intend it to go. Just need to figure out the stopping thing.


There are 4 major components to the pulley brake system from DNA. The rotor, a spacer, 4 piston caliper and the bracket. The spacer makes sure that the pulley is far enough out from the wheel hub so that the belt doesn't rub on the wheel. Forgot to mention - this is a belt drive bike.

The pulley bolts to the wheel and spacer. The caliper bolts to its bracket.

Caliper and bracket

Rear wheel assembly

There is another critical piece of the assembly that secures the brake bracket to the swing arm to prevent the caliper from rotating when the brakes are applied. This requires a brake tab to be welded to the underside of the swingarm.

Mounted pulley brake

Mounted the forward controls and headlight.

Right side forward controls with master brake cylinder

Left side forward controls with clutch lever and kickstand

Front brake caliper - matches rear

Headlight. E.T.

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