Saturday, March 31, 2012

Part 19 - Exhaust

Ordered a Big Growl exhaust from Jireh Cycles.

Big Growl Exhaust P/N 60-301

The exhaust was lengthened by about 0.5" just behind the mounting flange which moved the exhaust out far enough to clear the transmission. This part of the project was done a lot earlier when my welding skills were non-existent (some might say that is still the case) and I was pretty sure I would destroy the pipes. The extension was cut and welded by a real welder. Fast forward many months and I would TIG this myself.

Extended length

The exhausts have a mounting tab on the rear and come with mounting hardware. I cut a bracket out of 1/4" steel that  got welded to the frame as a permanent mounting point.

Mounting bracket welded to the frame
Exhaust Flange closeup
EVO Big Twin Mounting flange kit

Mounted exhaust

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